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493 views · 80 days ago

The question is two you boys and girls on this site. Have any of you had a sexual relationship with an animal? If so, please feel free to tell us all about it on this blog..

Myself i have had both a dog and a horse both female gender. Of the two can i say that my horse was the most satisfying in a sexual manner but the dog also had her way to make it pour better

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farellfoxx - 7 days ago
I wish I had, still wanting.
josussss - 23 days ago
Mi wasap 0034645468713
dawmjr - 30 days ago
i do not do dog, any other pussy i got, your question , i fucked them all,
dawmjr - 30 days ago
i will post more , when i find people willing talk and share
dawmjr - 30 days ago
mky page buddy, is there full movie, i not found it
dawmjr - 30 days ago
im willing to sharw , my 500 igs stuff, im looking now i guess old prows,i have seen clips are there full movies out there
dawmjr - 30 days ago
some where i recently found , perhaps here, the equis movie in full,
dawmjr - 30 days ago
im guy, i had cow was my first love, sheep, goat, horse is by far easiest, and clean, cows piss and shit you, stabbed a buffilow couple times she got away, i searched for 20 years i have many vids, no great thing i have couple i9 made you cannot see shit,
PPkungen - 40 days ago
Hecto you will not get penile cancer from having sex with a dog
Flukyaya - 41 days ago
Hi add pls