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245 views · 72 days ago

Hello, since most of the site seems to speak spanish.
I was wondering if there where people who wanted to chat in english?

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bearator - 44 days ago
would love to chat in english
zactrooper - 53 days ago
I'm here
Bottomboydaddy - 57 days ago
Hypnotic - 62 days ago
I speak English
Horselover73 - 64 days ago
i speak english as well
Zooboi808 - 64 days ago
I speak English !
Rdorri2989 - 68 days ago
Hey there English speaker here
WolFucker5 - 71 days ago
I am new in here looking for friends
If you wanna hit me up on kik
Id: WolFucker5
violaperrras - 72 days ago
What you want to talk about?